Candid Chronicle: 710 Culture Explained

Candid Chronicle: 710 Culture Explained
Article Co-Written by Jacob Simpson of Cannabis Culture Reset. Edited in part by: both Benjie Cooper, of Candid Chronicle; & Jacob Simpson, of Cannabis Culture Reset.

Yep, you heard correctly – we’ve claimed another holiday. 

Gloriously emerging from the ashes, mental fog, and clouds of 420 celebrations across the country, cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike have only 60-some odd days before July 10th – another celebration of all things that are the great flower except the flower itself. Confused? No worries, just concentrate

Alright, so “710” flipped upside down looks like “OIL”, especially on an older calculator, so that’s why July 10th is the chosen day that we throw a party in the name of cannabis extracts and concentrates. Rumor has it that rapper TaskRok is to credit for the holiday’s clever date from a TinyChat back in 2011 (source ). Ten points to the internet for archiving this for us, and hey, we all love a decade anniversary. Let’s make this one for the books! 

We’ve compiled this page to help you have the best 710 possible. Read on to find out more about common extract products, companies, and events! 

Cannabis oil, or extracts, come in a variety of forms, as you may have seen in the Farmers Cup 3.0 with five categories of products. Obviously, as many niches of connoisseurs find various ways to use cannabis, you might imagine there are a lot of terms you may not know, even if you use cannabis. You may be an expert in your niche of cannabis, but still find geographic differences in terminology.