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Dripp’s humble beginnings can be traced back to a singular vision, to deliver premium quality products to the cannabis market. With a rapidly changing industry we’ve set out to create products with an emphasis on quality and purity. Our 100% pure THC extracts define an unparalleled vaping experience with no harmful additives whatsoever. We have implemented formulas and processes to create products that will impress a wide variety of consumers.

Our Goal

Dripp’s goal is to provide consumers with what we call the two P’s: Progression and Perfection. We have created our products to appeal to people of all ages and walks of life, and strive to become the new standard of quality in the cannabis industry.


Our Belief

Our products are harvested/extracted from the finest and cleanest plants available. Our bio mass procurement team travels far and wide to seek out the best raw materials that our legendary California soil has to offer. We at Dripp have enhanced and streamlined the standard extraction process, resulting in a product that contains the potency, profile and consultancy that we believe fills a void in the industry. Dripp constantly aims to raise the bar and cater to bold visionaries who share the same ideals that we embody.

The core belief of Dripp as a company is “Demonstrate Innovation, not Replication, Progress to Perfection.”
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