Flower + Pre-Roll

Dripp believes that true quality is achieved through hard work, knowledge and opportunity; and we seek to instill our products with the quality that our clients deserve.

Dripp’s network of experienced and dedicated farmers who, for multiple decades, have been producing some of the highest quality, all natural premium flower grown on California’s legendary soil. Dripp’s extensive network of suppliers stretches from San Diego to Humboldt and our cannabis sourcing team makes frequent visits to all the farms we have relationships with to  ensure top quality product from seed to sale. Our flower is a true taste of Cali from the first inhale, down to the last exhale.


Quality Vaporizers

Drip vape products are the perfect blend of live resin and distillate delivering a delicious flavored and Potent product to the consumer .

Our process starts with extracting all cannabis content from biomass, followed by separating and saving terpenes to be reintroduced after the extraction process is complete, which gives our product a true cannabis flavor profile. We at Dripp take consumer safety extremely seriously, we do not use any harmful additives, thickeners or emulsifiers in our extraction process. Subsequent to production, we test all of our products for any impurities, pesticides, heavy metals or microbials before being sent to customers.

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